There’s nothing like a kitchen dresser. As well as being a storage solution, we understand that a freestanding handcrafted dresser adds visual charm, elegance and statement to a kitchen. Declan Sexton and Sons are experienced dresser makers. We well understand that the creation of a bespoke kitchen dresser involves many choices of detail, design, style, and not least, solid wood choice - all to give your bespoke dresser a visual distinctness and straight forward practicality within the kitchen space.

Your Custom Dresser - The Design Process

A once-off, bespoke kitchen dresser, shaped and made to a customer’s requirements is more than just a functional product – it’s personal. Designed to enhance the look, feel and functionality of your kitchen, a dresser is just as important as the kitchen itself.

Designing a kitchen dresser usually begins with an analysis of the kitchen in which it is to be placed along with any additional requirements that you might have. We welcome all ideas, photos and drawings regardless of how simple. This will help us get a feel for the kitchen dresser design that best suit you.

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