Choosing a worktop material for your bespoke kitchen is so important as it has to complement your kitchen in colour and texture whilst also being fit for purpose. The three most popular options are outlined below.

Granite and quartz

Both of these natural and synthetic stone surfaces are very durable. Available in a range of colours and edge mouldings these surfaces are the most popular choice with our customers.

As granite and quartz are made to suit your bespoke kitchen there are very few restrictions as regards size and shape. Cut with CNC machines this product has a range of options from recessed draining boards, upstands, splashbacks and elegant curves all polished to a sparkling shine.

Solid wood

The easiest way to bring warmth and character to a painted kitchen is with a solid wood worktop. Available in a range of wood species, the most popular being Oak, Beech, Walnut and Maple.

Similar to granite and quartz there are very few restrictions with shape and size but unlike granite and quartz solid wood requires a little more TLC. Solid wood worktops can be shaped and moulded to incorporate sinks, draining boards, steel saucepan rods and upstands to ensure ease of use without damaging your surface

Sealed and finished with Danish Oil solid wood worktops are water resistant but should not be exposed to water for long periods of time and depending on wear and tear we recommend that you re-oil your solid wood worktops every year. Although this is a relatively simple process it should not be ignored and will enhance the appearance and increase the life span of your surface.


Formica worktops are the most budget-friendly and hard wearing choice and have the widest range to choose from. This man made surface is available several sheen levels and textures and offers many granite and solid wood imitations which are quite convincing.

As Formica worktop is only available in standard sizes this can restrict some features of a bespoke kitchen such as curved cabinets and wide Island units. To rectify this some customers use a combination of both formica and either Granite or Solid Wood to complete their bespoke project with outstanding results.