While kitchen base units are very useful for the larger items of kitchen utensils like mixers and roasting dishes,we are always in search of storage solutions to make our kitchens a little more user friendly.

A browse through our wood finish,painted finish and stainless steel storage solutions might give you some ideas for your new kitchen.

Kidney Corner

A kidney corner is very useful storage solution in a blind corner base unit where access is difficult.

Integrated Bin Unit

These simple kitchen bins will enable you to keep your kitchen tidy whilst also enabling you to separate your waste and recycling with easy disposal of the recycled waste once full. Available in both two bin and three bin options.

Wine Rack

One of the few storage solutions that is both functional and an aesthetically pleasing design feature of your kitchen. Available in several different styles and sizes and can be integrated to add character to most cabinets.

Pull-out Sink Storage

Ideal for storing cleaning products on the bottom and has a smaller compartment for brushes and sponges on top.

Worktop Protector

These attractive stainless steel bars allow easy movement of hot saucepans from your stove.

Serving Trays

Convenient for bringing meals for other parts of your home,these serving trays are made from solid wood and joined with dovetail joints to bring the handmade element to your kitchen.

Cutlery Drawers

Our solid wood cutlery drawers are joined with the traditional dovetail joint which complement any handmade kitchen. They are divided according to drawer size and your requirements. The base is either laquered woodgrain or covered with baize. The colours available include green,red,blue and black.

Utensil Drawers

Similar to our cutlery drawers,these utensil drawers are also traditionally dovetail joined and divided according to size and requirements. They are generally fitted close to the cooking area of your kitchen.

Saucepan Drawers

These very deep and robust drawers are mounted on steel drawer glide and take an amount of saucepans. They vary in size depending on space to facilitate and are made from the same materials as your cabinet interiors to ensure consistency through out your kitchen.

Spice Racks

Mounted on the back of your larder door,these spice racks are a useful way to keep small jars and bottles tidy in your larder. Made from the same solid wood that you choose for your dovetailed cutlery and utensil drawers to ensure consistency through out your kitchen.

Secret Drawers

Also constructed with dovetail joints and hidden over another drawer this is a convenient storage place for valuables such as keys,documents and those kitchen appliance manuals.

Spice Drawers

Handmade in the same dovetailed style as your cutlery and utensil drawer our spice drawers are a convenient way to keep spices jars tidy. Combined with utensil and saucepan drawers they can provide a beautiful symmetry at both sides of a range cooker.

Cooking Oil Racks

Available in many sizes and finishes cooking oil racks help to contain the mess sometimes associated with cooking oils. Placed close to your cooking area these useful racks can save you worktop space while you cook.