Your kitchen - an efficient, easy to use workplace and a pleasurable inviting environment designed and created to be the heart of your house. This is what we at Declan Sexton and Sons want to achieve with our handmade, handcrafted, fitted kitchens.

We have years of experience in the business of designing and crafting distinctively individualised painted and handmade fitted kitchens for your lifestyle and family needs – and always with authentic materials and meticulous craftsmanship.

You and your Kitchen - the Design Process

The kitchen is the nerve centre and often the social hub of any home. When it comes to design, planning, and most importantly, crafting, the creation of your new kitchen demands care, attention and expertise.

Kitchen design usually begins with analysis of light, space and the customer’s particular needs. We welcome all ideas, photos and drawings regardless of how simple. This will help us get a feel for the kitchen design that will best suit you. In addition to this, we can advise you on the placement of your main services and appliances, and from there, provide you with any electrical or plumbing drawings you may need to ensure, in so far as possible, a stress-free experience for everyone involved in the project.

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