From formal to workaday dining, delicate marquetry and lathing to Shaker-like plainness, we take pleasure in helping our customers realize their dining needs and ideas. Handcrafted tables and chairs of varied styles, periods and sizes, as well as individually fashioned storage pieces for dining areas is what we apply ourselves to in the creation of a dining room space that’s both practicable and distinct.

Dining Furniture - Starting your project

Whether your dining room is used everyday or kept for special occasions with friends and family,its design is crucial.A dining table made to your specification and a comfortable chair can enhance any dining experience.

Beginning with a brief phone call or by clicking our "lets get started" tab your new dining room design can begin in an instant. A site visit from one of the Declan Sexton and Sons team is the best starting point.From here we can take into consideration your space,requirements and taste.We welcome all ideas,photos and drawings regardless of how simple,as this will help us to advise on the best dining room design for you.

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