Through the course of one whole day your living room is a space of relaxation, entertainment and gathering, within which any one distinctive, functional and handcrafted, solid-wood piece of furniture will play its part and contribute to the rooms overall impression. Be it a multi-media unit, bookshelves, a side or coffee table or even period wall-panelling – all are deserving of the highest standards of wood-working skill. As with all our work, we take time and pride in the crafting of bespoke living room furniture, all handmade here in Waterford, for this very important living space in your home.

A once-off, bespoke piece of furniture, shaped and made to a customer’s requirements is more than just a functional product – it’s personal. It embodies something of the character who desires to see it made, or the person for whom it is made. And of course, a bespoke, handcrafted piece of furniture is an heirloom.

Getting Started - the design process

The living room is not only a meeting point and entertainment room for all the family and their guests, but also a room for quiet relaxation. When it comes to design, living room furniture needs to serve each of these purposes equally. Once we have our starting point of entertainment and services we are happy to help and guide you in realizing whatever look or feel you want to achieve for this vital room in the house; to help you visualise the end product we can create the necessary drawings, from simple front elevation, to an artist’s impression. When you decide on your design, style and finish, we begin the work on your bespoke living room furniture.

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