Declan Sexton and Sons have won commissions to design, mould and make altar and sanctuary style furniture for many kinds of churches and sacred spaces. We well understand the collaborative nature of the furniture-making process involved when creating such public furnishings and we fully appreciate how church furniture can enhance the dignity and atmosphere of a church’s interior architecture.

God is in the Detail

- Ludwig Mies van der Rohe (Famous Architect)

As far as classical and gothic church furniture goes this statement rings very true.From carved acanthus leaves to vaulted arches,the design of churches built in the style of these eras have used some amazing geometry.To be given the opportunity to design and create furniture following the style of these fantastic buildings is something we at Declan Sexton and Sons are very proud of.

Churches Classic & Gothic Style Design Process

Beginning the process of classical or gothic design for a church in your community is as simple as calling us or by clicking on our "Lets get started" tab.From there a site visit from one of the Declan Sexton and Sons team is the best starting point from which we can liaise with both clergy and parish commitees to start the design process.From here we can take into consideration your requirements and the existing architecture of the church..We welcome all ideas,photos and drawings regardless of how simple,as this will help us to advise on the best classic or gothic design for you.

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