Clear Laquered Finish

Our clear laquered finish is the most popular finish amongst our customers who wish to see grain and features of the wood they order their bespoke furniture to be made in.As our customers require a hard wearing finish we use a two-pack lacquer which is available in several sheen levels from matt to gloss.

Stained and Laquered Finish

This finish involves an extra process where the colour of the wood can be given a darker complection before the laquer is applied. The grain and features of the wood are still very visible and the same two-pack lacquer is applied giving the same amount of sheen levels.

Stained, Laquered and shaded.

The shading process involves a minimum of two extra coats depending on how deep the customer would like their colour to be. This is done with a very fine spray gun in-between coats of lacquer and gives a shaded appearance to either the whole piece or just the edges.

Spray painted Finish

The spray painted finish is one of the most popular finishes in kitchens and furniture today.It is a two-pack paint leaving a hard smooth finish and is available in several sheen levels.It is also available in most colours that you will find on the paint charts in your local paint store.

Hand painted Finish

The hand painted finish is the most traditional method of finishing and is suited to the customer with a keen eye for detail. This very original method is most commonly used in painted kitchens,dressers and panelling and leaves a smooth finish with visible brush strokes.

Painted Finishes - You Choose

The following chart, displays some of our most popular colours this year - all colours available via Farrow & Ball and Colour Trend.

  • White tie | Farrow & Ball
    White tie Farrow & Ball
  • Elephants Breath | Farrow & Ball
    Elephants Breath Farrow & Ball
  • Old White | Farrow & Ball
    Old White Farrow & Ball
  • Hardwick White | Farrow & Ball
    Hardwick White Farrow & Ball
  • Maision Blanche | Colour Trend
    Maision Blanche Colour Trend
  • Ral -Tele grey | 7047
    Ral -Tele grey 7047
  • Stoney Ground |
    Stoney Ground Farrow & Ball

Graphic Finishes

The graphic finish is a bespoke service that we offer where by we partially or entirely wrap your bespoke piece in a graphic of your choice. This is a very unique way of personalising your furniture and also a great way to create the illusion of space in a small room.If the resolution is high enough you can even use your own photos or choose one from our stock.

Danish Oil

Danish oil is used as food safe finish for solid wood kitchen worktops.It is durable for short term use but does need some extra care and attention.Your worktop should be re-oiled every 6-12 months depending on usage to avoid breaking the seal.This is a relatively simple process but should not be ignored.