Over the years we have reproduced both simple and ornate window and door surrounds for many kinds of openings. Our dedicated hands-on and hand-tool skills are combined with the precision of our specialist workshop machines to turn, shape and mold window and door surrounds to suit any genre.

Beginning with a brief phone call or by clicking our "lets get started" tab your window surround design can begin in an instant. Our window/door surrounds can be fitted to most existing openings but for outstanding results we recommend that you contact us before you build your window ope. This way we can advise you on the correct dimensions and proportions to obtain the best result. We welcome all ideas,photos and drawings regardless of how simple, as this will help us to advise on the best window surround design for you.

Once you have your window in place we can then take the accurate measurements which will allow us to begin the rewarding experience of designing your bespoke window surround.And to help you visualise the end product we can create the necessary drawings, from simple front elevation to an artist’s impression. When you decide on your design, style and finish, we begin the work on your bespoke window or door surround.

Made from the finest materials, all panels,architraves and window boards are individually crafted, traditionally jointed and finished in our workshop at Ballynevin, and when the time comes, your window surround will be installed by one or more of the Sexton family partnership of Declan Sexton and Sons.

A browse through the photographs of our solid wood, lacquered and painted surrounds might give you a sense of what style would best suit your bespoke surround. And don’t hesitate to call us with your questions and queries.