Whether used cosmetically as piece of furniture in itself to enhance the look of a room or functionally to keep children from touching a hot radiator,our covers serve both purposes well.

Beginning with a brief phone call or by clicking our "lets get started" tab your radiator cover design can begin in an instant.Our radiator covers can be fitted directly to your wall or used in conjunction with our architectural wood panelling. We welcome all ideas, photos and drawings regardless of how simple, as this will help us to advise on the best radiator cover design for you.

With several different radiator grilles, colours and styles to choose from,the design process for radiator covers can be very simple. A site visit from one of the Declan Sexton and Sons team is the best starting point.From here we can take you through the different options available to you and help you decide which design suits your room best.When you decide on your design, style and finish, we begin the work on your bespoke radiator cover.

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