You may have already seen some of our work. Recently published in "Ireland's Homes Interiors and Living" and "25 Beautiful Homes" magazine, one of our most recent custom kitchen projects was covered in great detail.

Ireland's Homes Interiors and Living

Kitchen'I don't have time to look for things and I don't have time for elaborate cleaning, I need well-designed convenient storage', she says. 'The best thing about using this kitchen is that it is very well laid-out, interior designer Helene Broderick and kitchen maker Declan Sexton worked on the design to create a plan with excellent working routes, making my like easier'.

25 beautiful homes cover

KitchenMaria worked with Helene and bespoke cabinet-maker Declan Sexton to create this stylish yet practical scheme. Bespoke units painted in Pointing and Cornforth White, both estate eggshell, £51 for 2.5 litres, Farrow & Ball. Sufolk bar stools (excluding seat pads), £250 each, Neptune.

Family Rooma former outer wall is now a partition. Panelling designed by Helene Broderick and made by Declan Sexton and Sons